Be aware of problems early

Most factories do one maintenance before work begins. It is very dangerous to work with the machine broken. Maintenance even after work has the benefit of being able to notice machine malfunctions more quickly. Let's do maintenance frequently.

Sometimes it is finely maintained

Simple maintenance alone may not be able to notice departmental changes. Therefore, extensive maintenance is performed once a week or once a month. Because we check carefully every corner rather than daily maintenance, we will be aware of any internal errors.

Before and after work starts

Maintenance of the machine is very important.
If you do not perform maintenance regularly, you will not notice that it is broken.
If you leave it as it is, the broken parts will spread more and more.
You will have to buy a new machine as you will not be able to do repairs.
New machines are priced high.
If you put it for repair, you will be able to get it done at a cheaper price.
Even if you do a simple maintenance every day, you notice that something has happened.
Be conscious of making it a habit to maintain.

Also, if you keep using the broken machine, it may be damaged.
Fragments may scatter and hurt the worker's body.
Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary to avoid dangerous accidents.
It is recommended to decide the maintenance time.
Then it becomes easy to make it habit.
It is difficult to make it a habit when maintaining it on a daily basis at different times.

If you notice something wrong quickly and you can repair the machine, you can keep using it for a long time.
If the machine is broken and replaced frequently, the cost will be lost quickly.
Proper maintenance is important to reduce unnecessary expenses.
From time to time, please allow a long time for maintenance.
It is recommended that you check to the inside you can not usually check.
Maintenance that takes time may be done once a week.

Who is in charge of maintenance

Decide who should do maintenance. If you find it difficult to do it yourself, you may leave it to the contractor. You can select the time you like, so selecting it after work does not affect your work. Please also check the vendor information and decide whether to request.